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Fratelli Girimonti Farm

Olio Extra vergine d'Oliva
The Fratelli Girimonti farm has about 70 years of experience in the extraction of extra virgin olive oil and has an area of about 32 hectares with about 4000 olive-groves. He is dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil from olive trees located on the hills of Scandale (a small city at the foot of the Sila montains), in the lands of Destro Ferrato, Faraone, Filittò, Rate Corazzo, Santa Marina and Santa Domenica Soprana.

Saverio Girimonti

Saverio Girimonti

The Girimonti Family take care about every step of the process, from the collection to the extraction. Aware of the importance of tradition in the achievement of quality, the family preserves and perpetuates with great dedication methods, passion and care handed down by their ancestors. The product, therefore, is authentic and genuine.

Scandale is a small rural city and has a unique landscape. Located in the valley of Neto, 350m above the sea level, overlooking the Ionian Sea and is backed by the Sila Mountains. The climate is ideal for olives and grapes.

The farm grows different kind of olives: Nocellara Belice, Spagna, Uovo di piccione, Ascolane, Frantoio, Carolea, Pendolino and Borgese. he olives are collected in the period which the precious fruits are tinged with a delicate green gold, which make a superior extra virgin olive oil. The is oil extracted by cold pressing and naturally decanted. It hasa fruity, light, fragrant and delicate taste.

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